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Healthy Skin In A Dry Climate

Thursday, September 25, 2014 4:06:00 AM America/New_York

While some people enjoy living in tropical climates, others prefer the mountains or deserts. High elevations and arid environments feature dry air, which can dry out skin. Dehydrated skin looks dull and the drier skin becomes, the more likely it is to flake, peel, and crack. There are ways to deal with this other than moving to a new climate so read on, dry climate dwellers!  

Internal hydration is the most effective way to keep skin hydrated. Consuming water by eating fruits and vegetables keeps our bodies hydrated for longer periods without flushing nutrients and minerals, which water tends to do. Complement the hydrating effects of water with a veggie and fruit-filled diet. This is a delicious habit that even those in the most remote regions can follow.  

Hydrating body lotion is the perfect way to lock moisture into skin. People prone to breakouts may think that moisturizer is not right for them. A dry climate can create more dead and dry skin cells that clog pores. This environment also tends to increase oil production to compensate for moisture being drawn from the skin. Lotion designed for daily use is lightweight and versions containing antioxidants like avocado oil and macadamia ternifolia seed oil improve the appearance of skin.  

When we sleep, our bodies naturally restore themselves, making this the ideal time to hydrate skin. Adding humidity to the air with a humidifier or bowl filled with water will benefit our bodies. Applying a moisturizing skin cream before going to bed allows it to penetrate and restore our skin overnight. An anti aging facial cream works wonders on fine lines and wrinkles when applied before retiring for the evening.  

Skin care does not end when night turns to day. After our morning cleansing skin care routine, it is time for moisturizing, followed by a healthy breakfast featuring fruit and juice. Applying a hydrating aloe toner throughout the day will help skin retain moisture. It is much less time-consuming to spritz on toner than to reapply moisturizer and a bottle of toner can be stored in a purse or desk.  

Our faces continue to produce oil and moisture regardless of the climate. However, thin skin surrounding eyes does not, causing crow’s feet to develop. An under eye serum applied during the day and at night tackles these early signs of aging. Following this skin care routine prevents the negative effects of a dry climate.  

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Mary Vargas

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